Barry Gibson

Professor in Medical Sociology

Barry is Professor in Medical Sociology at the University of Sheffield, U.K. and will be opening the conference on 19 September, 2024.

Barry co-authored ‘Rediscovering Grounded Theory’ with Jan Hartman. The work was reviewed as being: “Based on a very careful analysis of original writings, [which] will quickly establish itself as a seminal set and a definitive work for any interested or studying grounded theory…” And so it proved.

Barry understands the world of the novice researcher having supervised more than 20 PhD students to completion. He also understands the world of the expert researcher having been awarded over £2.3 million in research grants. Barry has won the International Association of Dental Research (IADR) Giddon Award for Distinguished Research in Behavioural Sciences three times and his research has been covered in the Guardian and the Sunday Times. He has successfully published across disciplines with numerous papers in dentistry, public health and sociology.

It was Barry who named this year’s conference “Grounded Theory Futures” capturing our shared passion to provide a platform for novice grounded theorists to nurture their futures and for practicing grounded theorists to share their expertise; and to develop a vision for the future of grounded theory.