Antony Bryant

Professor of Informatics at Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, UK

Antony Bryant is Professor of Informatics at Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, UK; Chief Researcher, The Education Academy, Institute of Educational Research, Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania

After completing a PhD on ‘The New Left in Britain’ at LSE, he lectured in sociology at the universities of Leeds and Durham, before completing an MSc in Computing, then working in commercial software. From there he took up a lectureship in Computing at Leeds Polytechnic, now Leeds Beckett University, and was promoted to Professor in 1993.

He has written extensively on qualitative research methods, being Senior Editor of The SAGE Handbook of Grounded Theory (2007) and The SAGE Handbook of Current Developments in Grounded Theory (2019); both co-edited with Kathy Charmaz.

His writing on Grounded Theory includes Grounded Theory and Grounded Theorizing (Oxford, 2017), The Varieties of Grounded Theory (SAGE, 2019), and ‘Continual Permutations of Misunderstanding: The Curious Incidents of the Grounded Theory Method’, Qualitative Inquiry, May, 2020.

Other recent writings include Digital and Other Virtualities: Renegotiating the Image, co-edited with Griselda Pollock (IB Tauris, 2010); ‘Liquid uncertainty, chaos and complexity: The gig economy and the open source movement’, Thesis Eleven, FEB2020; ‘A Conversation between Frank Land and Antony Bryant’, Journal of Information Technology, June, 2020 Parts 1 & 2; ‘What the Web has Wrought’, Informatics 2020, 7(2), 15.

In 2020 he was one of the founding members of The Coalition for Grounded Theory, a small group of grounded theory experts who organized World Grounded Theory Day – 12-MARCH-2021 – an international webinar incorporating presentations covering the key varieties of grounded theory. (Details and access to the presentations can be found at