Grounded Theory Futures

Grounded theory methodology is the most cited method in qualitative research. There are thousands of grounded theory researchers studying and working in the world right now. The future of grounded theory is in their hands. Our hands.

This conference provides a platform for both novice grounded theorists to launch and nurture their futures, and for practicing grounded theorists to share their expertise.

Join us – the International Association of Grounded Theorists – to explore the future together!

On Thursday 19th and Friday 20th, September, 2024, the International Association of Grounded Theorists will host a global conference

The conference will bring together grounded theorists practicing in the key versions of the method. Our aim is to create a collegial atmosphere in which to share ongoing work and ideas about the future of the methodology.

Keynotes, symposia, oral presentations and posters

The conference will offer a mix of keynotes, symposia, oral presentations and poster-presentations, online. We welcome abstracts of grounded theories from any area of interest and from any disciplinary background as well as methodology papers that seek to expand and develop grounded theory.


Symposia will give conference attendees the opportunity to engage with state-of-the-art discussions about the grounded theory methodology. We welcome proposals for 90-minute sessions.

Guidelines for symposia proposals

Proposals can be related to the conference theme ‘Grounded Theory Futures, though we welcome any interesting or innovative ideasTo raise the conceptual level of discussion and engage as many participants as possible, symposia panels should be multidisciplinary, with no more than two participants from the same discipline. Proposers are encouraged to build their panel by reaching out to practitioners of different versions of grounded theory methodology.  

Proposals should include:
Title plus a maximum of 300 words on the purpose of the session
Names of four presenters and one moderator/discussant
Presenter abstracts and brief biographies with affiliations (250 words excluding title and affiliations)

Please email symposia proposals to: from December 1, 2023.

Sessions intended to instruct or provide training in grounded theory methods will not be considered symposia

Oral presentations and poster-presentations

We welcome abstracts of grounded theories from any area of interest and from any disciplinary background as well as methodology papers that seek to expand and develop grounded theory.

Guidelines for abstract submissions: oral presentations and posters
Abstracts of 300-500 words are invited for oral presentations and posters.
Please ensure that:

  • The abstract is written in English with accurate grammar and spelling
  • The title is indicative of the abstract content
  • The methodology and methods are clearly outlined
  • There is evidence of conceptualisation and/or theory development as appropriate
  • Conceptualisation and theory development are consistent with the variant of grounded theory methodology used.
  • The relevant literature is used appropriately.

Methodological papers are also welcome.

Submissions are restricted to one oral presentation per first author/presenter.

Abstract structure

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Degrees and credentials
  • Affiliation
  • Address
  • Title of abstract
  • Authors
  • Body of abstract (include background, aim/objectives if appropriate, methodology, methods, conceptualisation/ theory development, conclusions)
    Indicate preference for an oral or poster presentation

Timeline for submission

Submit your abstract or symposia proposal on or before April 30th, 2024
Notification of acceptance and rejection:

June 7th, 2024
Schedule of presentations/symposia notified
July 15th, 2024