The Diamond Conference Room at the University of Sheffield

Recalibrating society: grounded theory perspectives

The global pandemic has left a world in which most institutions, from healthcare to education and business to government, are grappling with challenges to current policies, past practices and routines. For researchers, the upheaval and efforts to create sustainable solutions provide an opportunity to contribute to the necessary recalibration of society. Grounded theorists in particular can help groups and institutions to better understand the impact of major change and support the reworking of and transitioning to the practices and structures now needed to sustain our social world. Grounded theory methodology, the most cited method in qualitative research, provides researchers with the tools to develop practical theories on issues and concerns throughout all areas of social life.

  • The abstract is written in English with accurate grammar and spelling
  • The title is indicative of the abstract content
  • The methodology and methods are clearly outlined
  • There is evidence of conceptualisation and/or theory development as appropriate
  • Conceptualisation and theory development are consistent with the variant of grounded theory methodology used.
  • The relevant literature is used appropriately.

Methodological papers will be considered.

Submissions are restricted to one oral presentation per first author/presenter.

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